Priory Park, Dudley - A wonderful open space!

Priory Park is in Dudley. Opened in 1932. Ruins of Dudley Priory are here. Find the statue of Dorothy Round, a World No 1 tennis player who was born in Dudley.

The ruins of Dudley Priory are located within Priory Park, Dudley. It opened in 1932. The park features a Community Cafe, Tennis courts, Basketball courts, Bowling green and more. More recently the statue of Dorothy Round was unveiled in the park. She was a World No. 1 tennis player, and was born in Dudley. It was sculpted by John McKenna in 2013.

Priory Park DudleyPriory Ruins at Priory Park, Dudley (January 2011). Photography by Elliott Brown


History of the Dudley Priory

The Dudley Priory is a former priory in Dudley, West Midlands (used to be in Worcestershire). The ruins is a Scheduled Ancient Monument and is Grade I listed. The priory was founded in 1160 by Gervase Paganel, Lord of Dudley. It was dedicated to Saint James. It was built of local limestone, quarried from Wren's Nest. The priory was enlarged many times, including the addition of a Lady Chapel in the 14th century. The priory was closed down int he 1530s during the national Dissolution of the Monasteries. It was granted to Sir John Dudley, 1st Duke of Northumberland in 1540, but after his execution it fell into disrepair and fell into ruins. In the 18th century, part of the ruins were used by a tanner. The area around it became industrialised. Pools nearby were drained and Priory Hall was built nearby in 1825. In 1926 the Dudley County Borough bought Dudley Priory and the land around it, to create Priory Park and the Priory Estate. The ruins were brought into their current state in the 1930s, during clearance and restoration works, when Dudley Council took over the running of the parkland and ruins.

Dudley PrioryPriory Ruins at Priory Park, Dudley (January 2011). Photography by Elliott Brown


Priory Hall

Priory Hall is a Grade II listed building, built in 1825 in the Tudor Style. It was formerly the seat of the Earls of Dudley. Built of Ashlar. The Earl never lived here but allowed it to be used as a residence and offices for his principle agent of his Dudley estates. These days, Priory Halll is used as a training and conference centre and is also used for weddings held by Dudley Register Office.

Priory Park DudleyPriory Hall at Priory Park, Dudley (January 2011). Photography by Elliott Brown


People Group

There is a wooden sculpture in the Priory Hall gardens. It was designed by Jonathan Mulvaney in 1992 and stands close to the lily pond. It is called People Group.

Priory Park DudleyPeople Group sculpture at Priory Park, Dudley (January 2011). Photography by Elliott Brown


The Return of Dorothy Round

This is a statue of Dorothy Round. She was a World Number 1 British female tennis player, and was born in Dudley.  It was called The Return of Dorothy Round and by the sculptor John McKenna, unveiled in 2013. It is near the tennis courts.

Priory Park DudleyThe Return of Dorothy Round statue at Priory Park, Dudley (October 2016). Photography by Elliott Brown


Blue plaque for Duncan Edwards

The blue plaque for Duncan Edwards is at The Pavilion. Duncan Edwards was a footballer of genius, born in Dudley in 1936, he died in the Munich air disaster of 1958. He played for Manchester United and England. He grew up on the Priory Estate and attended Priory Primary School. The plaque was from Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council. There is also a statue of him in Dudley Town Centre.

Priory Park DudleyDuncan Edwards blue plaque at Priory Park, Dudley (October 2016). Photography by Elliott Brown

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